Moving Industries

Reshoring and Offshoring Solutions

Moving Industries advises on the relocation of production processes and offers practical support.

Moving Industries

How we work

We start by making a detailed analysis of your current situation and desired outcome of the transfer and translate this into a sound projectplan including a capacityplan and budget.

We can then execute the projectplan for you in close cooperation with your own people. We will focus on the move and your people can continue to deal with the day-to-day business and serving your customers.

Moving Industries works (inter)nationally on Reshoring and Offshoring projects, so whether it’s moving work back to America from Europe, relocating within Europe or moving to the Far East, Moving Industries has the experience and can be of service to you.

Do you have plans for reshoring / offshoring or need help implementing existing plans? If so, contact us for a consultation.

    Moving Industries

    Examples of our work

    We are a young company but we bring a lot of experience to the table, please find below a short list with examples of projects we participated in:

    • Setup new automotive testfacility in the USA.
    • Design and create a projectplan for a greenfield assembly plant in the USA.
    • Transfer production from Turkey to the Netherlands.
    • Prepare relocation of aerospace assembly facility in the Netherlands.
    • Move production to existing factories from the Netherlands to China, Singapore, France and Germany.

    Moving Industries

    Customers we recently served:

      Moving Industries

      Considering your reshoring or offshoring options?

      We advise COO's and CEO's who don't have the expertise or experience in their teams on how to best approach these complex, large scale projects. We can take it even further by providing support and practical solutions to make the move happen while the existing organisation can keep their primary focus on day to day operations.